The Great Escape – Building Freedom

It’s always nice to see someone realizing their dreams and building a tiny house. James and Kristen have been researching and working for several months to escape from what seemed like an unavoidable destiny of debt. Using Sonoma Shanty house plans and the free house plans on Tiny House Design as part of their inspiration, they came up with a simple and very usable custom design for an 8×20 trailer. Construction is now underway.

The Great Escape One Wall

The Great Escape Floor Insulation

I just spent the last hour pouring over their blog posts for the last three months and I’m incredibly impressed with how they’ve overcome every obstacle. This is definitely a project to watch and inspire others to do the same. Photo credit James and Kristen.

Be sure to visit and bookmark their tiny house blog, The Great Escape.

If you appreciate natural knit and crochet clothes be sure to see Kristen’s website.

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