Tiny House on a City Lot

Here is a story of a man who’s living the tiny house dream by building a tiny 200 square foot house. The lot cost him $5000 and the building materials $8000. Benjamin Landry, the owner-builder, is building this home in Binghamton, New York and after three months of construction he’s almost done. We need to talk to this guy. Ben, how did you get them to approve the plans? Good job Ben!

Read more about Ben’s tiny house.

Photo credit Chuck Haupt / Press & Sun-Bulletin

6 thoughts on “Tiny House on a City Lot

  1. Michael Janzen says:

    I want to hear his permit approval story. A 200-250 square foot house approved to be built on a city lot anywhere in the US seems like a real success story.

  2. Mary says:

    Would love to hear more about this house, and the process of getting it approved. Reading the comments that followed the linked article was certainly interesting–get the feeling that at least a few folks consider a tiny house some sort of insult to them personally.

    Here’s hoping cities become more open to these small homes. If a person is willing to live in a city away from the coasts–“flyover” country, haha–small city lots can often be found for a very good price. Put a small, simple, affordable home on it, and you can have a good life on a fairly modest income.

    The trick is getting it approved……

  3. jean morrison says:

    I’m looking for the article/info you had on the “box within a garage conversion”. the box walls opened out to form the bathroom, kitchen, and folding bed.

    please send where to find!

    thanks ~~

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