Burning Man Pyramid by Paul Elkins

I reported on this tiny pyramid back in November 2010. But now it’s creator, Paul Elkins, has posted a short video tour on YouTube.

It’s made from 10 sheets of reflective insulation board, duct tape, and 2x4s. The total cost was about $300. He fashioned a simple door and added a couple of dome windows for light and peeking outside. The whole thing will take up just 64 square feet of playa, but will provide ample living space for Paul and his wife at Burning Man 2011.

If you’re not familiar with Paul’s work… he’s a bit of an inventor/tinkerer and builds all sorts of tiny little structures and extreme wheeled creations. Be sure to visit his website at High Mileage Trikes.

Nice work Paul! Love the didgeridoo tunes you picked for the video!

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