Turnbull Tiny House

I just ran across this tiny house being built by Elizabeth Turnbull in Byfield, MA. Beginning in August, she hopes that it will be her home while in graduate school at Yale University. She’s using a lot of reclaimed and green building materials and by the look of the photos is right on track with the start of school. From the look of her calendar online she has one more weekend to build.

The house is 132 square feet, 18 feet long and 7 feet 4 inches wide. It’s 13 feet and one inch at it’s highest point. Like many of the Tumbleweed inspired houses this house sits on a trailer for portability and independence from normal building codes but it looks like Elizabeth has done a great job building a sturdy and safe home.

It’s wonderful to see more people jumping in and finding ways of realizing their home ownership dreams while avoiding many of the traps associated with traditional home ownership. It’s also nice to see more and more designers focused on building small and green. Photo credit Elizabeth Turnbull & Friends


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