Expedient Home Office

I had hoped to build something larger on a trailer so that this tiny house could also serve as a camping cabin – but after much deliberation my wife and I decided to just build something small for my home office.

It will measure 5×8-feet and stay under the local 9-foot height requirement for sheds. Technically it will be a shed, so no permit will be required to build, but I’ll finish it out with insulation to make it comfortable during hot Sacramento summers.

I could build something with more square feet, but I don’t need the extra space and I want this thing to go up fast and cost very little money. The floor framing will also be designed with built-in skids so I can eventually pull it up onto a trailer in case I want to move it.

I had hoped to get started last weekend but other priorities pushed it out of the way. I did however cut down a small scrubby tree, dig out a stump, and level the space where the office will sit.

My next step will be to buy the materials and get started – hopefully this weekend. Here are a couple of drawings of the rough design and a photo of the leveled space. The four stakes in the ground mark the future corners of the shed; sorry about the shadowed photo.


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