Gerry’s Tiny House Under Construction

Here’s a tiny house under construction right now. It’s being built by Gerry up in British Columbia. The design might look familiar to you because Gerry is using the plans from Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. The project got kicked off in November and they are making very fast progress. Gerry posted on Tiny House Forum so if you have questions that’s prpbably a good place to ask.

See this house completed.

2 thoughts on “Gerry’s Tiny House Under Construction

  1. john mac says:

    i live in palm springs c.a , does anyone make a southwestern house?imangine a solor powerd tiny house,in any desert area,whuold be great! jmac.

  2. Alec says:

    Quite the home you have. I am quite enthralled with it.
    I do have some questions. Is there a ‘tiny house’ community within Canada? Do owners of these home typically have jobs that one might call ‘a self employed business’? And if you have your home built is it a hassle to bring it to Canada?
    Good luck to you and thanks for sharing your experience. I hope to hear from you back.

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