Hut 2.0 – Tiny House Raising with Friends

A great way to build a tiny house is with friends – kind of like a mini-house raising. Ryo Chijiiwa did just that a couple of weekends ago at his property in a remote part of northern California. Ryo had already built a little hut but wanted something a bit more substantial so he came up with a simple post and beam design and invited friends to come camp out and help build. Hut 2.0 just 96 square feet but will have ample loft space and will be much more comfortable for Ryo’s extended stays.

For more about this project visit Laptop and a Rifle.

One thought on “Hut 2.0 – Tiny House Raising with Friends

  1. jeffrey dobbins says:

    Hey everybody!

    I am falling in love with tiny houses. On my way to begin this journey. I’m 48 y/o electrician, retired from Bellsouth Looking to get back to a simple way of life, with my 12 y/o son. Would love to here from others anywher and hopefully, to find some other tiny home owners or off grid people in NC.
    Hope all of you will stop in and say hello!

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