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An extreme tiny living experience awaits travelers to a remote spot in the Boreal Forest. This is the Treehotel in Sweden, a collection of extreme tree houses that make-up a unique hotel in the middle of an unspoiled natural environment. Each treehouse if different, but each sits suspended in the trees and is accessed by a rope […]

Treehouse Hideaway cafe in Harajuku

My friend Jared Braiterman has been in Japan for many months now and blogging about his adventures at Tokyo Green Space. Here’s what his blog says about his project: Tokyo Green Space examines the potential for micro-green spaces to transform the world’s largest city into an urban forest that supports bio-diversity, the environment, and human community. He […]

Tiny Tree House in New York

This tree house is the work of designers at Baumraum, a German design company that specializes in extreme tree houses. This tiny modern tree house is perched high in a Maple tree overlooking the Hudson River. I’m certain this was not an inexpensive project but wanted to share it with your for it’s ingenuity. I […]