Treehouse Hideaway cafe in Harajuku

My friend Jared Braiterman has been in Japan for many months now and blogging about his adventures at Tokyo Green Space. Here’s what his blog says about his project:

Tokyo Green Space examines the potential for micro-green spaces to transform the world’s largest city into an urban forest that supports bio-diversity, the environment, and human community.

He recently stumbled across this wonderful Treehouse Hideaway cafe in Harajuku. It was built by Kobayashi Takashi who has created many treehouses across Japan. This particular treehouse is built around a sturdy pine tree and is the home of a small cafe. It also appears that there is a bit of a treehouse movement going on in Japan. Take a look at the website of the Treehouse People.

Visit Tokyo Green Space to learn more about the Treehouse Hideaway cafe. Great find Jared!


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