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How to build a solar wall heater from recycled cans

One of my newest favorite blogs is The Good Human. It’s run by a fellow named David up in Taos, New Mexico. Normally he doesn’t cover how-to topics but the other day I spotted this post on a little solar wall heater he made out of empty aluminum cans. It was a bit involved to […]

What you’ll need to build a tiny house

Stephanie at Coming Unmoored has compiled a complete list of the things you’ll need to build a tiny house. The list contains tools, plans,  and building materials. If you’re even remotely considering building a tiny house I highly reccommend you read down this long list. If you have some experience in construction Stephanie has left […]

How-To Build Handmade Tiny House Windows

A few days ago I posted a story about a man named Kai who built his own windows for his tiny house. Kai lives in Germany and has discovered that many of the building materials we take for granted in the US aren’t always available in Germany. The windows specified in the Tumbleweed WeeBee house […]

How-To Create A Living Roof

A reader named Mark passed this onto me the other day. It’s a how-to article on setting up a shed roof for growing plants. This seems like an excellent idea for those with limited space and a shed or tiny house. I’ve always been a little skeptical about anything on a roof except roofing material […]

How To Find Trailers For Your Tiny House

Steve over at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company just published a great write-up on what to look for in trailers when shopping for a tiny house foundation. He describes the size, weight, height considerations as well as the need for trailer breaks and where to buy trailers. New trailers are fairly expensive; they generally cost […]

Great Idea For Land Buyers and Sellers

My wife Julia ran across a post on for a piece of land out on the northern California coast. The seller is offering to carry $200,000 of the purchase price with a $60,000 down payment to give the buyer time to build and refinance. “Ocean view building site, owner will carry – $260,000. With […]