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Rammed Earth Builder turns to High Speed Wood

Michael Thompson builds and teaches workshops about rammed earth buildings in the UK. He has undertaken a non-housing project – to set the land speed record for a 100% wooden bicycle. While this story is off the topic of tiny house design, I thought it was important news and would be of interest to my […]

PVC Bike Guy is building the Teardrop Bike Trailer

The PVC Bike Guy sent me few photos that show the progress of the Teardrop Bike Trailer, a project inspired by a design I posted about a year ago. As his nickname implies he’s a builder of PVC based bikes and gets most of his raw materials free as scraps. It’s not easy to build a […]

Bike Camper

Logan and Tammy over at RowdyKittens found this tiny house on wheels and shared it with me and Kent over at Tiny House Blog. I don’t know much about this amazing little bike camper but it sure is inspiring… in an alternative housing kind of way. The photo was snapped by Kevin Cyr, an artist […]