PVC Bike Guy is building the Teardrop Bike Trailer

The PVC Bike Guy sent me few photos that show the progress of the Teardrop Bike Trailer, a project inspired by a design I posted about a year ago. As his nickname implies he’s a builder of PVC based bikes and gets most of his raw materials free as scraps. It’s not easy to build a strong chasis from PVC pipe, but he successfully puts it all together with bike parts to make operable little peddle powered vehicles. Here are the update photos. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.

4 thoughts on “PVC Bike Guy is building the Teardrop Bike Trailer

  1. John Foote says:

    What a grand design. I’m a disabled vet. Former firefighter,cancer survivor. Wheelchair bound due to cancer treatment. But at least I open my eyes every morning! I would really appreciate a build list and plans for this project. The VA has provided me with a recumbent trike. Great way for me to get outside and camp!! Any help would be great. Thanks, John.

  2. Michael Kitterman says:

    Thank you for the interesting article. I am getting ready to build my second PVC trailer and I am considering several different designs. This article was helpful. I agree with Emily. An update would be well appreciated. Thanks again.

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