Travis’s Tiny House Tour

I ran across this tiny house project on YouTube posted by travis162002. The first video is a tour of his completed house and the other is a construction slideshow.

It’s based on a Tumbleweed Lusby with a couple of nice modifications. Instead of using lap siding he used cedar board & batten siding. He also built out over the porch so he could have two sleeping lofts.

Nice job Travis!

12 thoughts on “Travis’s Tiny House Tour

  1. alice says:

    Very entertaining construction video, especially the spectacular beginning. That is one good looking unit, really nice kitchen setup.

  2. Mark Tisdale says:

    I had wondered why more Tiny Houses don’t have Tiny Ovens! This is a really neat house from the siding choice to the kitchen and all!

  3. Steven says:

    I like this design because of the sitting room that doubles as an extra bedroom. Or maybe even a tiny house mancave? If it came down to it, you have three bedrooms in this tiny house. That’s pretty impressive.


  4. creativeKayt says:

    Yep!! Another great build! I like the different design touches on this one, too! Excellent!!

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us, too.

  5. Kim says:

    Great Video! My husband and I are building our tiny house this summer. We are currently looking for a trailer. Any suggestions on what or which works best?

  6. Anne H. says:

    Beautiful tiny home! It looks to be very well-built and well thought out. Just wish I could see it in person and know what it feels like to be inside. Thank you for this video and for sharing your creation.

  7. Linda Mason says:

    Love your place, great job. Could you tell me where or brand of the ceiling fan. I will need one soon for my little place. Also, is the window fan from the rv stuff, fantastic fan, style? Love it. Thanks

  8. Bryan says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Very well done. I love the design and craftsmanship. I do have two questions. What size trailer did you use and how do you go about putting two brakes axles on a trailer?

  9. Kathie says:

    That little place is adorable! There’s no way you’d know there was so much in side from looking at the outside! Do you build these for others?

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