Baubilt Mini Cabin

This tiny cabin is perched on a boulder overlooking a rushing stream in southern Vermont. It was built by Karl Ulrich and measures 10′ by 16′. He designed it to be built in less than 14 days for under $10,000.

To avoid building permit trouble he carefully researched local codes and found a classification that could be used to describe his project, an accessory building (a shed). This also meant that the building had to follow those rules and could have no water in or out. It also could not technically be a habitable space but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be perfect for the occasional visit, which is how Karl planned to use the cabin.

Karl launched his Baubilt blog in January 2010 but it’s already packed with useful and well written content. I’ve already bookmarked his RSS feed and look forward to seeing what else follows. Great work Karl, thanks for sharing your story!

Photo credit to Karl Ulrich. I first spotted this on materialicious.

3 thoughts on “Baubilt Mini Cabin

  1. Deek says:

    I especially like the stain/color choice and how well it works/teams with the metal roof. The stream in the foreground only adds to the charm/appeal!

    And yeah, in a good deal of VT towns, you can circumvent code/allowances with the ole “shed” loophole….or worst case, build something in a hidden local (as long as a lot is large enough), and build it tumbleweed style (on wheels). Worst case, if the town gives ya’ guff, you can move the structure, or sell it if you had to.

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