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Cabin in the Catskills

Shelley and her husband are building a tiny house based on one of my free plans, the 8×16 Tiny Solar House. They made some modifications like building it on the ground instead of a trailer – and adding a deck. You might also notice they’ve replaced the large south-side windows with a sliding door. Here’s […]

Rustic Elegance in the Catskills

One of my long-time readers, Eva, sent me a link to this incredible little cabin in the Catskills. At first glance it may look like a simple rustic cabin, but on closer inspection the level of fit and finish expose the truth that this is the cabin of gifted artisans. Kim and Jonny began this […]

A Call for Cottages

You might recognize this tiny house; it’s the studio of Sandy Foster and has appeared on many places online since it was first featured in the New York Times. It’s an old hunting cabin that she renovated herself. It measures 9-feet by 14-feet and cost her just $3,000. Sandy is writing a book about her […]