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Who’s Next Entry – Video Tour

Here’s a closer look at my Who’s Next design competition entry. It’s an 8-minute video that explains how the four separate living spaces of the Tiny House Cluster work together and how they could work individually as independent tiny houses. If this design wins the competition FreeGreen.com will turn this concept into a set of […]

Vote Now! – Free Green Who’s Next Competition

The public voting has begun. Take look at the 400+ submissions and vote for the house designs you like best. No house in the competition is larger than 1,800 square feet (not tiny) but I didn’t see any other entries that include the designs for 4 individual tiny houses. Cast you vote for the Tiny House […]

Who’s Next Entry – Version 3 (Final)

Below is my final design for Who’s Next Competition. I really want to thank everyone who made suggestions and provided feedback. I think that this final design achieves the best balance while maintaining the tiny house cluster concept. The public voting begins tomorrow and you’ll have a chance to review all the submissions. Entries are […]

Who’s Next Entry – Version 2

Below is the updated design for my Who’s Next Competition entry. At first you’ll probably think it’s an entirely different house but when you compare the floor plan to the first version you’ll quickly realize they are pretty much the same… just in a slightly different arrangement. All the changes were made as a result […]

Who’s Next Entry – Version 1

I’m not sure how your 2010 is going but mine feels like it’s flying by a little too fast. I looked up from my work for a moment and noticed that the deadline for the Who’s Next Competition is almost here. I’ve been working on some ideas and finally cleaned them up enough to share […]

Who’s Next? – Help Me Win with a Tiny House Design

The other day I posted news of a design competition hosted by FreeGreen.com that’s called Who’s Next? If you’ve been reading Tiny House Design for a while you know that from time to time I present design concepts and ask for reader feedback and make refinements to the design. I’ve decided to take this iterative […]