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Pick The Best of 101 Tiny House Designs

A few folks have already asked if I plan on making 3D Printed Scale Models and Tiny House Plans from the 101 Tiny House Designs in my new book – the answer is yes. But as a one man band I have to pick which tiny houses to focus on first. I have my personal […]

12 Pack of Plans Giveaway – HAS ENDED

UPDATE: Sorry, This ended Sunday July 26, 2015 at 12 noon PST. Congrats to the winner, John in Rowlett, TX. Enter for a chance to win a 12 Pack of Plans for Tiny Houses on Wheels. These plans are made to be easy to read & follow – like tiny house building instructions. They show all the […]

Jetson Green – 400W Small Wind Turbine [Giveaway]

Preston, over at Jetson Green, was recently approached by a sponsor with an offer to give away a free wind turbine through his blog. This is totally off-topic for Tiny House Design but I wanted to help get the word out; this is a rare opportunity. This particular wind turbine is rated at 400W and […]