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Posh Pallet Office Furniture

Speaking of pallets… here’s a clever reuse of shipping pallets as posh office furniture. I personally prefer a more rustic aesthetic, but this slick office space in Amsterdam sure has made an inviting recycled workspace. A total of 270 pallets were saved from the landfill by this design. Read more about this pallet furnished office […]

Jetson Green – 400W Small Wind Turbine [Giveaway]

Preston, over at Jetson Green, was recently approached by a sponsor with an offer to give away a free wind turbine through his blog. This is totally off-topic for Tiny House Design but I wanted to help get the word out; this is a rare opportunity. This particular wind turbine is rated at 400W and […]

2009 Solar Decathelon

In a few weeks the Solar Decathlon will open at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. This is a biennial competition hosted by the U.S. Department of Energy where universities design and construct their visions for the ultimate sustainable solar home. They are showcases for innovative high tech energy solutions. You can see a preview […]

Which Aesthetic Do You Prefer?

I was happy to see more tiny house plans spring onto the market, this time from Free Green. I first spotted these on Jetson Green where Preston included a survey asking his readers which aesthetic they liked most. I was surprised to see that the modern design was the clear winner. I love the look […]