Posh Pallet Office Furniture

Speaking of pallets… here’s a clever reuse of shipping pallets as posh office furniture. I personally prefer a more rustic aesthetic, but this slick office space in Amsterdam sure has made an inviting recycled workspace. A total of 270 pallets were saved from the landfill by this design.

Read more about this pallet furnished office at Jetson Green.

2 thoughts on “Posh Pallet Office Furniture

  1. di says:

    Try a handheld computer – rather than a desk, file cabinets, office supplies, etc.

    Rather than a desk, try a clipboard or small, folding shelf under a window sill.

    By eliminating excessive furniture, create smaller office buildings.

    • Chris says:

      I agree with eliminating the unnecessary, but everyone’s business has different needs. It’s a bit naive to think a handheld computer can eliminate the need for space and office supplies. Generalizing the unnecessary is often a bit short-sighted.

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