Clever Pull-Out Compact Kitchen

This is a really great space saving idea that could keep a tiny house clutter free. At first it looks as if this wall is just some kind of mural but you soon realize that the shapes you see etched into the wall’s surface actually conceal functional seats, counters, cabinets, and lighting.  The only things it appears to be missing are the appliances and sink, but with a little more cleverness even these items could be included.

This compact kitchen was designed by Melanie Olle and Ilja Oelschlägel and is called Oma’s Rache, or Grandma’s revenge in english. It’s a reinterpretation of grandma’s good old multi-purpose kitchen cabinet. It measures a little over 8-feet tall, 2-feet deep, and 6.5-feet wide. I first saw it on dornob.

5 thoughts on “Clever Pull-Out Compact Kitchen

  1. Grant Wagner says:

    Another very cool idea. On of the lower drawers could contain a small house sized refridgerator, and the stove top could be on the internal work surface. One of the drawers directly over the seat could be stationary to conseal the sink basin and drain plumbing (dimentions may need some adjustments).

    Fold down locking legs on the table and the bench would allow for a little more space in the cabinets underneith them. A second table top, the full width of the cabinet, and less deep could be used as a work surface for preperation (and share the support of the dinning table surface) to allow the current work area to be filled with shelves or cabinets.

  2. serban says:

    Actually a not very practical idea. It takes up more space than a simple table with chairs and a cabinet, because when you pull out the table and chairs, it leaves the storing space for these unused. In fact it takes double the same space as the simple version.
    Also the top shelves are hard to reach because of the giant cover that needs to be pushed up.
    It’s really elegant, though.

  3. di says:

    Rather than a pull-out table and benches, try a folding table and benches under a window sill – to enjoy a view.

    It seems difficult to access the kitchen once you’re sitting down to eat.

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