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Fresh Off the Laser Cutter

Here’s a close look at the real deal… two brand new stencils right off the laser cutter. In the first video I show how they look when they arrive – all wrapped up in their protective paper coating. The coating peels off easily and leaves no sticky residue. The paper is needed for the manufacturing […]

How to Draw a Tiny House Floor Plan on Blank Paper

A blank piece of paper can be intimidating – or inspiring – depending on your point of view and available tools. The stencils shown here make it easy to draw tiny house designs on any kind of paper… blank paper, or graph paper. In the video below I should how you can use the preset wall […]

How to Build Tiny – An Online Learning Opportunity

Keith and Olivia with Bohemian Cottages in Eugene, Oregon have just launched a Kickstarter called How to Build Tiny. They’ve been building tiny houses for about 8 years and are now adding online courses in DIY tiny house building education, called How to Build Tiny. How to Build Tiny will offer 10 online courses: Logistics & Planning Working within the Rules […]

AbleNook – Rapidly Deployable Modular Dwelling

Here’s a fantastic idea with what looks like some tinker toy inspiration origins. It’s a modular building system that could be easily deployed for disaster housing relief but could also clearly be used for all sorts of housing solutions from tiny homes to larger multi-family communities. The inventors are currently running a Kickstarter campaign to […]