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Murphy Bed in the 8×20 Solar House

I’m still making small edits to the next version of the house plans but I wanted to share a better picture of the murphy bed. It’s a queen size bed mounted horizontally. This allows some space to walk around side of the bed past the main windows but more importantly allows the whole thing to […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 4

In part 3 I presented an idea for a larger 512 square foot home with moving walls and invited people to suggest ideas for part 4. EJ challenged me by asking for more detail and to show how this little house could actually support a family of three full time. Here is EJ’s comment: EJ […]

Tiny House with Moving Walls – part 3

As promised, for part 3 of this design study I’ve left the world of tiny houses for a moment to explore the cavernous expanses of a sprawling 512 square foot space. After drawing tiny houses, 512 square feet seemed huge. In fact I was able to easily squeeze 3 private bedrooms, a bathroom, and some […]

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