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Tiny House Move to Chico

Tammy & Logan are moving to Chico today from Red Bluff. That’s not a terribly long haul but moving a tiny house requires some preplanning and checklist-making. In a nutshell it goes something like this: Find a new place to park & live. It doesn’t need to be land you own, but make sure it’s […]

Dee Williams on PBS

Dee Williams built her Tumbleweed tiny house several years ago for about $10,000 from a lot of reclaimed building materials, which helped keep the cost low. So besides being a tiny house, it’s an excellent example of how used building materials can be taken out of the trash and made new again. I first saw this story on […]

Portland Alternative Dwellings

Dee Williams has launched the Portland Alternative Dwellings website with the web design help of Tammy Strobel of RowdyKittens. The first design they’ve created is the The Don Vardo (pictured below) which demonstrates the high quality craftsmanship of the homes they will build. It’s intended to be a writing/guest studio and complete with electric radiant heat, […]

Dee’s Workshop was a Smashing Success

A couple weeks ago Dee Williams mentioned to me that she and KT Anderson were going to host a one-day tiny house building workshop up in Portland, Oregon. It turns out the workshop was a big success and Tammy and Logan from RowdyKittens made the trip up to Portland and took these great photos. Dee […]