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The Field Lab in The New York Times

I first wrote about John Wells and The Field Lab back on June 8, 2009. Now John’s story has been written up in the New York Times. Ironically before John moved out west and starting building The Field Lab he worked in New York as a photographer. I suspect he’s a bit happier now, doing the […]

Delare Our Energy Independence

This is a bit off-topic but still somewhat relevant. I just think that independence from all unsustainable energy sources and reducing pollution are important elements to achieving our shared long term goals of increased prosperity, happiness, and freedom. If you agree please sign this petition at Repower America. Thanks! I’d also like to mention briefly […]

Firesign Farm – Sustainability and Simple Living

This is a quick, almost-off-topic post, but I thought important enough to share. In my online wanderings for more information about sustainable living I ran across a blog about a place called Firesign Farm. It’s the one-acre homestead of Sadge & Aries located near Carson City, Nevada. I looked high and low for photos and […]