Delare Our Energy Independence

declare energy independence

This is a bit off-topic but still somewhat relevant. I just think that independence from all unsustainable energy sources and reducing pollution are important elements to achieving our shared long term goals of increased prosperity, happiness, and freedom. If you agree please sign this petition at Repower America. Thanks!

I’d also like to mention briefly that I really try hard to leave all my personal political and social bias out of my posts here on Tiny House Design. I’d just rather see more of us unite under the common banner of simple living and freedom than see people continue to be divided by other issues.

I’ve also noticed that tiny houses seem to unite diverse groups of people that would normally never meet. It’s as if the common denominator of freedom, that tiny houses illustrate so well, shines so brightly it pushes all other dividing issues to the side. Well I hope so… I’d like think that we could all continue to come together under the spirit of freedom.

Now back to tiny house design… thanks for listening. 🙂

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