A Pallet House After My Own Heart

I was just thumbing through one of my new favorite websites, the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, and ran across this design for a house made from shipping pallets. It was an entry in the IaaC Advanced Architecture Contest held in 2007 by Maui Madrigal from Mexico. The design didn’t win but ironically it’s a house about the same size as the Tiny Free House I’m building… and it’s designed to be made from shipping pallets too!

I knew I wasn’t treading into completely unexplored territory so it’s cool to find someone like me who thinks pallet houses are plausible. There are many distinct difference though. Maui’s design calls for leaving the pallets intact and specifies many green technologies, like photovoltaic solar panels, that’s I’m leaving out of the Tiny Free House simply due to cost and the free house is about exploring free more than green. Green is the second thing on the list of priorities though.

I especially like some of the simple solutions in Maui’s design. The open floor plan, back to back kitchen and bathroom make a ton of sense. Even the location of the front door makes a lot more sense. In fact last night as I was trying to figure out the best way to layout the interior elements and the loft, while keeping the interior feeling open, I started thinking that a door in the end-wall just wasn’t helping. Now I’m convinced.

Anyway take a look for yourself and don’t miss the three links to the PDF documents that show the details of the design. Photo credit to Maui Madrigal and IaaC. See Maui Madrigal Pallet House Now.

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