Bcompact Hybrid Stairs

This is an amazing folding stair design and would be ideal in a tiny house. It folds flat against a wall, can be open and closed with little effort from above or below, and it even looks amazing.  Production of the final product is currently underway, so pricing and technical details have not been made public yet. Learn more about the Compact Hybrid Stairs.  Photo by Bcompact. See video below to see the stairs in action.

Bcompact Hybrid Stairs from BcompactDesign on Vimeo.

4 thoughts on “Bcompact Hybrid Stairs

  1. D. Pedersen says:

    That staircase is going to stay down all the time. No one, in their right mind, would keep on pushing it up against the wall all the time. And you can’t furnish the area anyway – because the stairs have to come down. So it is a product without any real practical purpose unless you are not able to walk around it like you can on the photo.

    • Geoff Gilbert says:

      This is for a hybrid use. A pull down attic stair is hardly used. Permanent stairs are used daily. This lies in between. I have a loft space with cedar closets for a client with costumes and they perform on weekends. Don’t need to get into loft until friday afternoons, and on Sundays when they put them back. The current attic stair is cumbersome and is in a hallway to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. To leave it down is cumbersome. To open it is cumbersome. This quick folding use is practical for our purposes. It’s also a better stair and easier to climb up and down carrying a half rack of clothes on hangars

  2. mark lockwood says:

    With a little bit of compact vision a person can use this in a narrow design maybe hang a tv in closed position . Most designs needing a stair such as Tiny Homes a loft ladder takes up a lot of space. I see a lot of future in this ladder.

  3. Fran says:

    Nice idea, you may not want to close it all the time
    but if you need extra sitting room you have some extra space if needed.

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