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Simple Flat Folding Chair

The other day I posted a more complex design for this flat folding chair. That design has more curved corners making it a a bit less angular. This design is bare bones and shows the simple concept better. In a nutshell you take a 2′ x 3′ piece of furniture grade plywood and turn it into […]

Step Tansu Tiny House Stairs Design Concept

Early tiny houses mostly just used ladders to access the sleeping loft because that approach works better with gable roofs. But these days tiny house stairs seem to be more and more common, especially with more folks building houses with shed roofs, gable roofs, and cross gables (as shown above). The higher ceiling along an outer […]

Flat Folding Chair

Space is in short supply in a tiny house – so it makes sense to design a chair that takes up the least amount of space when not in use. This folding chair design can be cut using a router from one 2’x3′ rough cut piece of plywood. You could also use a jigsaw – […]

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