This Murphy Dinette is Perfect for a Tiny House

The maker of this fold-up kitchen table is woodworker Clint Gray. He started learning his trade the old-fashion way in his dad’s cabinet shop when he was 8. That was back in 1969. As Clint and his little brother Rick grew older they joined their dad full time and Kinney Gray Custom Cabinets became Kinney Gray and Sons.

Clint has dedicated his professional career to woodworking. For example he’s built log homes, timber frame homes, and interior retrofits for yachts. Currently he’s creating these Murphy Dinettes which are perfect for tiny houses or any small space.

Murphy Dinette, Desk, Table

You could also use these as a zero footprint desk for a child’s bedroom, a craft table, or in your home office as a desk or extra workspace. Each example is handmade and signed by Clint so you can trust the quality.

Photos provided by Clint Gray. To learn more about Clint’s Murphy Dinettes visit his Original Woodcraft Amazon Store or his website at

3 thoughts on “This Murphy Dinette is Perfect for a Tiny House

  1. Michael Geyer says:

    Very good,Clint! Please build me one just like “and walk the dog”,please! I’m a “Tiny House ” enthusiast myself,but haven’t got around to cabinetry yet and some jobs are best left up to the Pros!

  2. Jean Barber says:

    My Dad built one of these for my Sister’s kitchen in 1946 or 1947 ….from a plan that was in one of the women’s magazines. Probably Woman’s Day

  3. Julia says:

    Just found your website- cool! We live in a “tiny” house and I designed a Murphy bar with my contractor and it looks much like your design– will send pics soon.

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