Class A Toy Haulers Guide

Here is everything you need to know about Class A Toy Haulers.

Class A Toy Haulers

Are There Any Class A Toy Haulers?

Class A toy haulers are similar to your standard RV. What sets them apart is a ramp that leads to a 10-foot garage on the rear. The garage is used to hold recreational equipment like:

  • Golf Carts
  • Small Cars
  • Small Boats
  • ATVs
  • Canoes
  • Kayaks
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Motorbikes

The added garage space allows you to transport equipment without a trailer hitch. Since the garage occupies the space the diesel pusher usually would, Class A toy haulers have their engines in the front.

Unlike traditional motorhomes, the class A toy hauler has the benefit of an 8×10 space for you to store anything you can dream up. This makes traveling with equipment a lot easier and more convenient for most people. With a standard RV, storage space can be difficult to come by, but class A toy haulers make it easy.

If outdoor recreation isn’t for you, the extra garage space can come in handy for other things. You can store extra stuff in the garage or utilize it as a den, an office, or an activity room. If you enjoy having guests over to your Class A, you can turn the garage into an additional sleeping room because it benefits from the same air control as the rest of the RV.

When it comes to quality, luxury RVs are growing in popularity. With a class A toy hauler, you don’t need to sacrifice luxury for additional garage space. Most class A toy haulers still incorporate the luxury features RVs have today. Knowing the ins and outs of toy haulers can help you decide if buying one is right for you.

Who Makes Class A Toy Haulers?

Knowing where to look for a quality class A toy hauler is important. Two companies manufacture quality toy haulers. These include Thor motorcoach and Newmar. Class A toy haulers are expensive to produce so there aren’t many manufacturers with class A toy haulers on the market.

What makes the class A toy hauler stand out are its class A features. Class A motorhomes are the largest on the market, allowing them to incorporate luxury amenities that make them more convenient and comfortable than your standard RV.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Class A Toy Hauler

There are a few things to consider before purchasing a class A toy hauler.

Garage Size

Class A toy haulers feature a garage that allows you to store many different items. The standard size of the class A garage is 10ft. It’s important to ensure whatever you plan to haul can fit within this 10-foot space. If you’re looking for a larger one, you may want to look into a travel trailer or fifth wheel.


Different RVs have different floorplans that fit the needs of a variety of people. Knowing your family dynamic and your family’s needs can help you choose the best floor plan for you. For example, if you’re a family with several kids, you may want a floor plan that includes bunk beds for more sleeping space. If just two people will be traveling, a floor plan that prioritizes storage space instead of sleeping space may be a better fit.

Cargo-Carrying Capacity

Loading up an RV can add a lot of weight to the vehicle. Knowing how much weight is left after you’ve added everything like clothes and dishes can help ensure you don’t overload the RV.

Diesel vs. Gas

If you’re planning to haul heavy loads often, a diesel engine class A toy hauler is better for you. Diesel engines give the vehicle more power. With more power, it can climb hills and tow loads easily.

If you’re looking for a lower-priced motorhome, one with a gas engine will be at a lower cost. Gas-powered motorhomes are less expensive because they don’t require as heavy a load build. With a gas engine, the luxury amenities may disappear. Gas engines have less weight on the overall load, so fewer amenities are included.

Considering these things before investing in a class A toy hauler will help you determine the best fit for you in the long run. It’s best to keep track of your goals and desires like garage size, floor plan, and affordability. This ensures the RVs you consider will meet your needs.

3 Best Class A Toy Haulers For The Money

Choosing the best class A toy hauler can be difficult, but hopefully, this list can help narrow down your decision. These are the three best class A toy haulers on the market.

1.Thor Outlaw 38 KB

The Thor Outlaw 38 KB has unique features, attractive visuals, luxury amenities, and all the benefits of a toy hauler. When it comes to unique features, this model’s sky bunk makes it stand out. This toy hauler offers a unique floorplan by having a sleeping area built into the garage. You can utilize the garage floor space while having the security of an extra bed included in your motorhome.

Floorplan: Sky bunk, king-sized bed in rear, front living space, 66” sofa, additional sky bunk in the front of the vehicle, and space for a washer and dryer.
Garage: The garage is 8’ x10’ and features a separate entry door, useful for someone sleeping in the sky bunk. This garage includes a patio deck that you can fold and unfold to enjoy the added space this toy hauler offers you.
Sleeping Capacity: 8 people
Garage Capacity: 1,350 lbs
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Length: 39.75 ft
Price: $303,750

Outlaw 38KB Walk through

2.Newmar Canyon Star 3927

The Newmar Canyon Star is one of the only diesel engine class A models on the market. It has the specs of a class A motorhome with a diesel engine that allows for a heavier load and the ability to climb hills. A unique feature of this motorhome is the queen bed in the garage that you can fold up or down when needed.

Floorplan: Two queen beds, front living space, 74” sofa, plenty of overhead compartments, and the garage features additional space for a washer and dryer.
Garage: The garage is 95.5” x120” and has a rear door to the main bedroom for easy access. There are overhead compartments in the garage that allow for extra storage space. If you can spare the space, there are washer and dryer hook-ups in the garage.
Sleeping Capacity: 5 people
Garage Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Fuel Type: Diesel
Length: 39.92 ft
Price: $239,372
2022 Newmar Canyon Star 3927 Review | Mount Comfort

3.   Thor Outlaw 38 MB

The Thor outlaw 38 MB is very similar to the Thor Outlaw 38 KB but some unique features set it apart. It still features the drop-down bunks that the 38 KB has, allowing it to accommodate many people. While it still sleeps five people, it does have less storage space than the 38 KB model. One aspect that makes it unique is the sliding glass door feature that connects the main bedroom to the garage space.

Floorplan: 3 queen-sized beds, front living space, 66” sofa, overhead compartments, and the garage features additional space for a washer and dryer.
Garage: The garage is 8’x10′ like the 38 KB model and features a patio deck. It is designed for storage but can also sleep additional guests with the inclusion of a queen-sized bed and tv.
Sleeping Capacity: 5 people
Garage Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Fuel Type: Diesel
Length: 39.92 ft
Price: $300,450
2022 Thor Outlaw 38MB

Class A Toy Haulers

Should You Buy A New Or Used Class A Toy Hauler?

When it comes to pricing, class A toy haulers spare no expense. Class A toy haulers can cost upward of $300,000 depending on the brand and model you purchase. The top pick, the Thor outlaw 38 KB, is around $303,000 versus the Newmar Canyon at around $250,000.

If buying a new class A toy hauler isn’t for you, what about a used one? The biggest upside to buying a used RV is the price. RVs can get very expensive, so buying used can help save you thousands of dollars. If you’re trying to save money and can find a quality class A toy hauler in good condition, buying used could be the right move.

If you’re cautious about warranties, buying new is a better option. While the price is higher, you do benefit from a warranty. Warranties help if any problems come up with the toy hauler. When you buy used RVs, there is no warranty. So, you wouldn’t have that peace of mind.

Another aspect that can sway your decision is manufacturer support. Many RVs get discontinued making it harder to find parts for those RVs if needed. Buying a used RV, likely an older model can make it hard to find spare parts. A good rule of thumb is to purchase well-known manufacturers, so the likelihood of not being able to find parts is lower.

If you’re only interested in using a class A toy hauler for a short period, renting is always an option. RVs that weigh over 26,000 lbs require a special license to drive which is a good thing to keep in mind if you plan to rent a class A toy hauler. Like renting a car, many websites rent RVs for recreational use like Enterprise, or sites that are peer-to-peer RV rentals. Renting is a great option if you’re not ready to commit to owning a class A toy hauler but want to experience it first. 

It’s important to do your research when comparing pricing, the locations you plan to travel to, and how to operate the RV itself. Renting an RV for a short period can cost between $180-$300 a night. This cost is around the same price as a good hotel so, it can be worth it in the long run.  

Pros and Cons of Class A Toy Haulers

There are a few pros and cons when investing in class A toy haulers.

  • They are the largest motorhomes available on the market.
  • High-end plumbing.
  • Garage space for storage.
  • Luxury amenities.
  • Space for washer and dryers.
  • Some are customizable.
  • Easy to transport recreational toys like golf carts, ATVs, canoes, and more.
  • They can cost upwards of $300,000
  • Gas/Deisel can get expensive.
  • Not easy to drive if you are inexperienced.
  • Maintenance costs can get expensive.
  • Typically less sleeping room than a regular class A RV or trailer.
It’s good to keep these pros and cons in mind when investing in a class A toy hauler. Knowing the ins and outs of ownership will help make your journey less stressful in the long run.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Class A toy haulers.

What is the smallest toy hauler motorhome?

The smallest toy hauler motorhome is the inTech Flyer Explore. This toy hauler is 13ft long and weighs just under 2,000lbs.

Can a Class A toy hauler carry a car?

Yes, a class A toy hauler can carry a small car. Most class A toy hauler garages are 8’ by 10’ ft so as long as your small car fits those dimensions, you should be able to carry it with no problem.

Which is better — Class A toy hauler or a 5th wheel?

This decision depends on what you’re looking for from your RV. If you’re looking for more garage space to haul more stuff, then a 5th wheel is better. 5th wheels usually give more space to the garage than the living space, meaning they can load more equipment. If you’re prioritizing living space for a family, then a class A toy hauler is better. It still has the garage space for equipment and the luxury amenities in the living space.

What is the cheapest Class A motorhome?

The cheapest class A motorhome on the market is the Thor Acis 24.1. It’s a small class A at 25’ 8” long and can sleep five people. While it’s small in size, it has room for all the necessities while keeping that class A luxury. This model is priced at $134,400.

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