Decadently Primitive Tiny Tent Living

Recently Kirsten Dirksen visited Glen and Gerry at their unusual home in northern California. It’s a tiny tent cluster of three tents they  connected with a series of decks and paths. Mostly they live outside, cook outside, and bathe outside. The temperate climate of California makes that possible.

When they first bought the land their intention was to build a home, but first they wanted to experience the property to help inform the future home’s placement and design. But something about outdoor simple living must have convinced them that their tents were the way to go.

They bought the tents from a company called Sweetwater Bungalows and made some careful customizations. The main tent measures 14′ by 20′. The master bedroom tent and guest room tent are smaller. An old shed left by the previous owner serves as the bathroom but the shower is outside.

Everything was done on a frugal budget – but their careful attention to detail shows clearly in the style and presentation of the place. It’s really amazing that so much could be done so well with so little. My kudos to Glen & Gerry!

   Three Tent House - Interior of Living Tent Three Tent House - Kitchen View Three Tent House - Path to Bedroom Tent

7 thoughts on “Decadently Primitive Tiny Tent Living

  1. Christopher Cardinal says:

    The problem is, this will only work in a tropical climate. Just try this in the Eastern part of the USA, and you will die of frostbite.

  2. donatella says:

    Having lived in a yurt, it’s like a giant baby gate and the skylight heats it up way too much in the summer. I’ve also lived in a tepee and this reminds me of that; all the advantages like airy living and the shadows on the walls, with none of the disadvantages. I especially like the room with the dark wood framing; beautifully done! Since I’m in southern Oregon, this would work for me with maybe a bit more insulation. For the naysayers, apart from the land, this probably cost the same as a 100 SF house on a trailer, but is far more livable.

    Thank you for posting!

  3. CCM says:

    Looks lovely but can’t help but think all that shiny, bright white tent material will begin to look a bit funky after a year. Think: bird poo, tree debris, etc…

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