A Tiny Cabin by Dennis


This cabin was built by Dennis, one of my readers, and is located in the woods of southwest Wisconsin. The floor measures just 8′ by 12′ but the height of the cabin makes it seem much larger. The unusual window layout and large eaves also add to make this a striking design.

Another relatively uncommon feature is that the wall panels and floor were mostly prefabricated at his home and hauled to the build site for assembly, much like the Tiny Prefab plans available here. I’m certain this made the construction and assembly much easier and faster considering the remote location. In fact Dennis and his friends got the basic structure raised in one day. The remaining work Dennis did piece by piece over time.

Dennis has posted dozens of photos online which document the assembly of the wall panels and finish work. For example much of the interior was built with rustic reclaimed lumber and the heat shield around the wood burning stove is a clever assemblage of stainless steel, copper pipe, nuts, bolts, and washers. His wood stove even has a hot water tank attached.

There is a lot to be learned in the short notes attached to the photos in his photo gallery so be sure to take a careful look if you’re thinking of building something like this yourself someday. He has included a lot of great ideas and solutions like a built-in floor leveling system and a simple way to have exposed beams without sacrificing insulation.

Thanks again for sharing your project with us Dennis! Your project is really a great success story. Here’s a link to Dennis’s Cabin Photo Gallery. Below are some examples from the photo gallery.






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