Gaviotas – A Utopian Ecovillage in Colombia

A reader, Rebecca, suggested this book after reading my second post on Arial Homes. Gaviotas is an eco-village that has been thriving in the most extreme conditions since 1971 in the midst of some of the most intense  hostililty in Latin America. 200 people live there and have no weapons, no police, no jail, and no mayor. They farm organically, have planted millions of trees, and have found many clever ways to tapping the sun and wind for energy.

I was going to wait to write a post on Gaviotas until after I read the book but this was just too good to keep under my hat. Once I finish the book I’ll write again and report on what I find. I suspect there will be a bunch of good ideasfor those looking to build tiny house communities and eco-villages. The latest edition has a lot of good reviews on Amazon and it was just updated this year with a section on the progress they’ve made over the last ten years.

On Amazon: Gaviotas: A Village to Reinvent the World–10th Anniversary Edition

Also see Friends of Gaviotas

6 thoughts on “Gaviotas – A Utopian Ecovillage in Colombia

  1. Owen Geiger says:

    I heard Paolo Lugari, the founder of Gaviotas, speak at a conference a few years ago to a sold out audience. Very inspirational. They’ve developed an efficient wind generator that is on its tenth iteration or so. Thousands have been built all over Columbia. But I was disappointed in hearing much of their work doesn’t reach beyond Colombia. For example, it’s almost impossible to get the details for this wind generator. If anyone locates plans for this wind generator, please contact me through my website.

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