HoneyBox Shipping Container House Tour

Mat & Danielle at Exploring Alternatives get a tour of a small shipping container home in British Columbia. It was built by the folks at HoneyBox, a home builder and shipping container supplier.

This house was made from three 20-foot containers that have been attached using standard container connectors. It’s completely off-grid, has a small solar system, a wood stove for heat, and uses propane for cooking, water heating, and the refrigerator.

It’s foundation is simply large concrete footings to which the center container is attached with bolts. The outer two containers are cantilevered using large diagonally mounted lashing rods which lock into the containers’ corner fittings and tighten down with large turn buckles. So the structural design of the house actually leverages the built-in strength of the containers. The house can also be disassembled and moved.

For more great tiny home tours follow Exploring Alternatives on YouTube. To learn more about the builder visit the HoneyBox website. Image above by Mat & Danielle at Exploring Alternatives.


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