Kai’s Window Update

Last March I posted the story of a fellow named Kai who had built some handmade windows for his tiny house. I got a progress report from Kai the other day with news that his handmade double glazed windows are still holding up well through the cold and wet winter.

Here’s his report:

Last Friday winter started in Germany with heavy snowfall and temperatures down to -27°F and while I was in the warm and cozy loft of my tiny house I thought this would be the right time to send you an update related to my selbuilt windows and door.

To be frank, I actually was never sure if building windows on my own was a good idea since building something like that is like a sience on its own. The door turned out great right from the start but I had to try a second time building the windows (maybe you remember my first faulty back-sash-window production run).

But in the end all windows work like they should, they are dry and airtight sealed yet. By the way, the past year was a very rainy one and in spring/early summer I discovered the tiny window in the loft was a bit leaky – the one that I foamed in twice. That problem was immediately solved with a second layer of rubber gasket.

Thanks again for sharing your windows and learnings Kai! Handmade windows sure seem like a really viable option.

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