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Tiny Pallet House Eco-Village

Architect Arthur Dyson is working with students at Fresno State University to build a tiny pallet house eco-village for the homeless. The plan is to use mostly reclaimed building materials like pallets for the structures, cardboard for walls, and aluminum cans for roofing. The project is still looking for a final location but the city […]

Dignity Village – A Success Story

One of my regular readers, Malcolm, reminded me tonight about a tiny house village in Oregon that was established by a group of homeless folks through successful acts of civil disobedience. The city of Portland now accepts the existence of Dignity Village as a self-regulating, city-recognized “campground”. The Portland City Council has guaranteed the community’s […]

Earthbag Eco-village in Uganda

While I make my living as a web designer my education and training is as a potter… which has given me a particularly close bond to… well… dirt. Construction techniques like adobe, rammed earth, cob, and earthbag are really beginning to appeal to me more and more. There’s something about building a home from the […]

Gaviotas – A Utopian Ecovillage in Colombia

A reader, Rebecca, suggested this book after reading my second post on Arial Homes. Gaviotas is an eco-village that has been thriving in the most extreme conditions since 1971 in the midst of some of the most intense  hostililty in Latin America. 200 people live there and have no weapons, no police, no jail, and […]