Tiny Pallet House Eco-Village

Architect Arthur Dyson is working with students at Fresno State University to build a tiny pallet house eco-village for the homeless. The plan is to use mostly reclaimed building materials like pallets for the structures, cardboard for walls, and aluminum cans for roofing.

The project is still looking for a final location but the city of Fresno, California is working to help make that happen, which is very encouraging. I hope this project is successful and provides another example of how eco-villages for the homeless are viable solutions for everyone.

I first spotted this on Jetson Green. I also want to thank Kent at Tiny House Blog for the heads-up. Photo credit Darrell Wong/The Fresno Bee and Arthur Dyson.

9 thoughts on “Tiny Pallet House Eco-Village

  1. Hamhock says:

    Two thoughts here:

    (1) Isn’t Fresno full of abandoned houses? Seems like the path of least resistance on this issue.

    (2) I have had ideas like this but I worry about the legal liability…ie you builed a homeless guy a house and 3 years later he sues you because there are chemicals in the pallet wood… sad but true the US legal system priming itself to collapse under it’s own weight.

    • Bryan says:

      The simplest of release forms would cover such situations (irrationalities), but I’m left with the question… What would he be suing you for? All of that money you didn’t make with a volunteer activity? All of the profits you didn’t reap? A 100% return on suing someone for nothing is still nothing.

      Our legal system works quite well despite scare mongering and nonsense hypotheticals.

  2. Lisa says:

    I think what you are doing is great! I am a total idealist and optimist. I am so glad to see people using positive energy for such a selfless and generous cause. This website has inspired me to simplify my own lifestyle and help own my mind to new concepts. Thank you and keep up the great work!

  3. Bill says:

    If the homeless want these homes they should be out there volunteering themselves, period! Supply the materials if you will but let them build it.

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