Tiny House Eden

It looks like a tiny house village for the homeless isn’t such a crazy idea. Here in Sacramento a collaboration between several homeless advocacy groups had come together to make it happen. The group includes Loaves & Fishes, Safe Ground Sacramento, Francis House, Sacramento Homeless Organizing Committee, and Volunteers of America.

The proposed new Safe Ground site will be called “Eden” or “a Stepping Stone to Home” and will be located behind the Union Gospel Mission and Bannon Street shelters. The community will consist of 60 Tuff Sheds setup for overnight stays. A central bathroom and kitchen facility will also be provided.


I’m extremely hopeful that this will be a success and serve as another example that the real value of a home doesn’t necessarily increase as the size of a home increases. Shouldn’t the true value of a home be measured by the happiness and security it brings instead of its size and cost?

For more information about this project start at Sacramento Loaves & Fishes website. Thanks for the tip Julia!


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