The Mad Housers – A Bold Solution for the Homeless

Here’s a group of people taking on the homeless problem head on. They call themselves The Mad Housers and they are an Atlanta based non-profit organization dedicated to showing people how to put a roof over their own heads. These sheds and shacks are being constructed in existing homeless camps with and sometimes without the permission of land owners, but they always seek to do the right thing.

the mad housers

You might wonder if this kind of philanthropy is legal and from the information on their website it sounds like the answer to that question would be a definite maybe; but that’s not stopping them from trying help folks make the best of a bad situation while avoiding breaking the law.

This is most certainly a controversial solution but I personally take my hat off to The Mad Housers and hope that more communities embrace this kind of bold action. It sure seems to me that a cluster of simple tiny houses would sure beat tents hands-down and provide a lot more safety and security to those stuck out in the cold.

the mad housers homeless solution

the mad housers shelter

Photo credit to The Mad Housers.


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