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Black Rock City Inspiration

At this very moment 50,000 people have setup housekeeping in a temporary city in the Nevada desert. If you don’t know much about the Burning Man Project you might find it surprising that this temporary city (Black Rock City) has an incredibly well thought out plan designed by architect Rod Garrett. This year the art theme […]

Can you imagine a Tiny House Community next to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage?

There is an 80-acre parcel for sale virtually next door to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, which is located in the north east corner of Missouri. Rural Missouri is one of those places that is very open to alternative & sustainable architecture making the creation of communities like Dancing Rabbit much more feasible. The rural location […]

Cottage Court Proposal

Ron Czecholinski from DIY Home Building is in the process of putting together a tiny house community, and is currently doing his due diligence in choosing a piece of land. The property he’s seriously looking at is six undeveloped lots in Asheville, North Carolina that have the potential for 6 to 10 small houses. Below […]

Dissolve your HOA/POA Today!

Do property owners’ associations (POAs) and homeowner associations (HOAs) really protect home values and communities, or do they simply add another layer of bureaucrats and cost communities money? I personally think the world would be a better place if most HOAs and POAs were dissolved. Let me first set the stage. If you wanted to […]

Could allotment gardening in Europe provide a model to end Homelessness in America?

One of my Tiny House Living readers, Wayne, passed this onto me. A Kleingarten, or allotment gardening is similar to the community gardens you might find across America but have some significant differences. The parcels typically range in size from 200 and 400 square meters each (2,100 to 4,300 square feet) and often include a […]

CLEAR VILLAGE Call For Entries

I must admit I was a little disappointed to see so few tiny homes in the list of finalists for the Design It: Shelter Competition. It just seemed like a perfect opportunity for tiny houses to emerge; although I admit I didn’t make time to draw up an entry so I guess I shouldn’t complain. […]

Earthbag Eco-village in Uganda

While I make my living as a web designer my education and training is as a potter… which has given me a particularly close bond to… well… dirt. Construction techniques like adobe, rammed earth, cob, and earthbag are really beginning to appeal to me more and more. There’s something about building a home from the […]

The Tiny House Project – Bring On The Competition!

I haven’t been THIS excited about tiny houses since I first saw a photo of Jay Shafer’s tiny house. The Tiny House Project seems to be designed to take tiny house design (in general, not my blog) to the next level. A group of architectural experts, artists, and sustainable living advocates have joined together and […]

Art Shanty Projects 2009

Now this it totally cool, pun intended, and if you’re up in Minnesota you might want to check this out in person. Art Shanty Projects 2009 is a six-week exhibition, out on the ice, of artist-built ice shantys. These tiny houses are temporary structures modeled after traditional ice fishing huts, which are also often decorated […]

Tiny House Village Design Concept – part 3

\ In the first tiny house village post I proposed an idea of converting an existing mobile home park into a tiny house village. In part two I built on this idea by suggesting that any property zoned multi-family could be a potential place for tiny house village. In this post I’ll show you an […]