Art Shanty Projects 2009

Now this it totally cool, pun intended, and if you’re up in Minnesota you might want to check this out in person. Art Shanty Projects 2009 is a six-week exhibition, out on the ice, of artist-built ice shantys. These tiny houses are temporary structures modeled after traditional ice fishing huts, which are also often decorated in humorous ways. This group of artists have taken it a few steps beyond that and have build some very clever and strange buildings. Here are some examples:

Above: Cool translucent roof.

Below: Not sure if the porta-potty is a shanty or a real porta-potty. Love the submarine.

Below: An functioning tiny theater.

Below: One cozy interior. Although they look freezing cold to me.

Below: Here’s a good shot of them out on the ice.Looks like fun if you don’t mind the sub zero weather.

Photo credit to the artists of Art Shanty Projects 2009!

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