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The Great Escape – now in Texas

I’ve been following James and Kristen‘s tiny house construction story for months and today have great news. They have made it past an enormous milestone and have left Massachusetts behind and made the trek down to Texas where they will now sit a spell. Their blog, Escape from Destiny, catalogs their step-by-step tiny house construction process […]

Tiny House Kit by Zamore Homes

This is a small 400 square foot kit house that comes ready to assemble and is built by Zamore Homes in Houston, Texas. It’s made from standard off-the-shelf parts and through clever design can be flat packed and delivered to your building site. If 400 square feet isn’t enough space they have many more larger […]

The Field Lab – Extremely Sustainable Homestead

The Field Lab, also known as the Southwest Texas Alternative Energy And Sustainable Living Field Laboratory, is the 40-acre desert homestead of John Wells. John had been living in upstate New York for years but had a bit of awakening, like many of us, and decided to make his sustainable homestead dreams a reality. After purchasing […]

Gary’s Hobbit House

My wife Julia loves cob houses and sometimes spots a good story while surfing for ideas for her dream house. Last night she ran across this article in Natural Home Magazine about a guy named Gary in Texas who built his little dream house from mostly reclaimed and recycled materials. Gary had no building skills […]

Tiny Texas Houses in the News

I just spotted this article on Tiny Texas Houses and the tiny house movement in general. Tiny Texas Houses build tiny homes from renewable materials and salvaged stuff. These little houses are a nice example of how old items can be reused to make something new. The article spotlights some people who’ve bought these tiny […]