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Tiny Pallet House Eco-Village

Architect Arthur Dyson is working with students at Fresno State University to build a tiny pallet house eco-village for the homeless. The plan is to use mostly reclaimed building materials like pallets for the structures, cardboard for walls, and aluminum cans for roofing. The project is still looking for a final location but the city […]

8-Inch Thick Wall Pallet House Concept

A couple weeks ago I posted an alternative concept for a tiny house built from shipping pallets that simply used half pallets (24″ by 40″) as building blocks to form walls. I chose 24-inch walls for that first post because they can be cut from 2-way and 4-way pallets without any waste. It also seemed […]

Tiny Pallet House Design Concept

I first became aware of the small house society and the Tumbleweed tiny houses was in some press that was related to hurricane Katrina. It seemed that one of the side effects of Katrina was an increased awareness of the value of mobile tiny homes. I bet a mobile tiny house would come in handy […]

Tiny Free House Framing Plan & Trailer Update

I just posted a fairly detailed update on my Tiny Free House project. The short version is… I have a trailer, my father-in-law did me a huge favor and cleaned it up for me so it’s pretty much good to go except for a little paint and a flat repair or two. I’ve also got […]