Tiny Pallet House Design Concept

I first became aware of the small house society and the Tumbleweed tiny houses was in some press that was related to hurricane Katrina. It seemed that one of the side effects of Katrina was an increased awareness of the value of mobile tiny homes. I bet a mobile tiny house would come in handy right about now for many of the people fleeing hurricane Gustav. If Gustav leaves a big mess a tiny house might make a really big difference to some.

As Gustav barreled across Cuba and headed toward US shores again I was struck with an idea. Over the past couple months I’ve learned a lot about building free with pallets. I’m not done yet and I’m sure I’ll learn more but what I know today might be useful for someone else. So I started draw a simple design for an quick to build tiny house of pallets that’s simpler than my tiny free house.

Initially I was planing on posting the plan here in complete detail but quickly realized that to be really useful to someone in urgent need the design would be really easily accessed and simple to navigate. So since I’m a web designer first and tiny house builder second I decided to throw up a simple blog focused entirely on this design. I’ll post everything  know about building with pallets and the specific design information there, much like I do for my tiny free house, but instead of capturing the journey it will simple explain how to build a tiny pallet house.

I’ve sent about 15 hours over the past two days setting it up, drawing pictures, and writing. I’ll continue to refine the content for a while. If you have any suggestions of any kind, especially from those of you who have construction or pallet house experience, I’d greatly appreciate any feedback. I’d also love to hear from people with little to no building experience because that’s who I’m writing the instructions for. If something needs clarification I’m happy to rewrite it to make sense to a wider audience. Thanks in advance!

Visit TinyPalletHouse.com for the complete how to guide on building a tiny pallet house.


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