Mini-Cabin Plans

If you’re looking for a simple tiny house that you can build yourself you might find the Mini-Cabin to be the right fit. It’s a 120 square foot cabin constructed from 9 separate panels that are easily built off-site and assembled at the building site. The plans cost about $20 (plans + shipping cost) and it’s estimated that it can be build with a $2000 budget for materials.

Window material & hardware: $65.61
Framing wood, plywood, & piers: $1,121.16
Entry door, window, z-flashing: $348.09
Fasttap screws: $21.98
Vents & vent paint (optional): $53.59
Redwood stain: $119.84
Hardware & caulk: $76.30
Roofing material: $154.56
Total: $1,961.13

The plans are printed on 11″ x 17″ paper and specifying the materials you’ll need, cut sheets, a detail page for each panel, and assembly instructions for a do-it-yourselfer. These plans also include details on all exterior construction including roof decking and an interior loft and ladder.

What I like most about this design and approach is the panel construction and simple shed roof because most people with basic skills could build the mini-cabin. There doesn’t seem to be anything complicated about the mini-cabin and with a little imagination and detail work it could be turned into a very cute little tiny house. In fact I’m not sure what would stop you from joining a couple of them together to make a simple gable design. Photo credit


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