Sonoma Shanty Tiny House – Price List and Video

I was excited to see the progress Kent and Stephen have made on the Sonoma Shanty. This is a simple and affordable tiny house that you can buy as plans, a kit, a complete home, and they’re even offering workshops to show you how to build one. The video provides a nice overview of the structure itself. Continue reading to see the price list…

  • Plans for stick built: $27.00
  • Workshop (limited to 6 participants): $250.00
  • Stick built kit (plans plus precut and labeled parts): $2,000.00
  • Sonoma Shanty Hybrid Kit (honeycomb floor and end-walls, stick built pre-assembled side walls and roof): $3,500.00
  • Sonoma Shanty Honeycomb Kit: $4,000.00
  • 7000# capacity trailer frame with brakes, lights and breakaway emergency brake: $3,000.00
  • 160 square foot hybrid shell on trailer: $9,000.00
  • Kit assembly on site: $1,000.00 plus $4/mile travel cost

Prices and details may change in the future so be sure to visit Kent’s Tiny House Blog and Stephen’s Little House on the Trailer for the most current information and pricing. Here’s a new video they put together to show how the Sonoma Shanty is assembled.

4 thoughts on “Sonoma Shanty Tiny House – Price List and Video

  1. Kent Griswold says:

    Hey Michael – Thanks for the buzz, just completed the video this morning, plans should be finalized soon and I will do a post on the Tiny House Blog in the next day or two when they are ready. Stephen will be at the Marin Home Show this weekend showing the caregiver cottage and the 160 square foot hybrid shell on the trailer. So stay tuned…Kent

  2. Helena says:

    That was really cheep! Thank you for doing so that all people I don´t have to. But I have to check out first what rules the swedish governmnet have for driving around with a house on a trailer.

    If you want you can visit my sight and convert swedish to english.

  3. Virginia Carmichael says:

    Considering relocating from Mexico to tiny house in No. Calif. Is there such a thing as a safe, rural area for a woman alone? Thanks!

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