Tennessee Tiny Homes

Tennessee Tiny Homes

Joe Everson started Tennessee Tiny Homes in 2012, but Joe has over 15 years experience building custom homes. He’s located near Memphis, Tennessee and in the last year has completed several homes.

What I like about Joe’s work is the diversity of designs he’s exploring – no two houses are alike. They are all outfitted a little differently too, based on the buyer’s needs I assume. They also shows off Joe’s diverse skills.

He is also working on offering financing in an attempt to make his homes more accessible for buyers. Unlike a normal mortgage, it should be possible to pay off a tiny house in the time it takes to pay off a car.

You can find Tennessee Tiny Home on Facebook. Also check out their sister company Tiny Happy Homes. Photo credit to Tennessee Tiny Homes.


Above & Below: Mendy’s tiny house.

Mendy's Tiny House - Interior Mendy's Tiny House - On the Road

Below: Papaw’s Tiny House

Papaw's Tiny House

Below: The Reed

The Reed

Below: The Reed’s Interior

The Reed Interior


Below: The Outhouse


The Outhouse


Below: The Popojo




16 thoughts on “Tennessee Tiny Homes

  1. David Bley says:

    Glad to see a tiny home builder in my former home state. Tiny homes (not on wheels) are not new to TN but they are built by their owners or shed conversions. I like all the light in these homes. My youngest son would complain about watching that flat screen tv because he would have to turn his head too much to see the whole screen :-). I have a suggestion for tiny homes in general. It concerns the sleeping loft. To gain some headroom, two peaked roofs that intersected over the loft could increase headroom without increasing height and the use of a homemade lapeyre stair http://www.lapeyrestair.com/#2 could increase accessability without taking up much square footage.

  2. Carolyn says:

    love you Timy Homes, I’m in Illinois so I need something well insulated for the cold.

    Can I pull a tiny house with my Ford Edge?


  3. Nancy Hudson says:

    Very interested in tiny houses. want one that is 8′ wide x 24′ long that is 9′ tall (house only) plus trailer. Do you have this size. Thanks

  4. Ron Mann says:

    I’m in the process of developing a 75 acre track of land in East Tn. for Tiny Houses and RV’s. If you could put the word out for us I would appreciate it. Right now you can pick out the place you want and the size of acreage you would like. This will be a rural development. With easy access. There will be On and Off Grid properties
    Ron Mann
    webste http://www.ronaldmann.com
    Offce 423-586-3100
    Home 423-733-4173
    Cell 865-567-5780

  5. Sandra Matthews says:

    Love Love Love the outhouse! ingenius use of space and design,it has everything. I wanted to know the cost? Little old Lady in jersey need my own mother in law suite it’s a beauty.

  6. Reba says:

    I want to down size . Live simpler with less cost . I would love to build a tiny . Could u help me? I want less expensive one.

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