Tennessee Tiny Homes

Tennessee Tiny Homes

Joe Everson started Tennessee Tiny Homes in 2012, but Joe has over 15 years experience building custom homes. He’s located near Memphis, Tennessee and in the last year has completed several homes.

What I like about Joe’s work is the diversity of designs he’s exploring – no two houses are alike. They are all outfitted a little differently too, based on the buyer’s needs I assume. They also shows off Joe’s diverse skills.

He is also working on offering financing in an attempt to make his homes more accessible for buyers. Unlike a normal mortgage, it should be possible to pay off a tiny house in the time it takes to pay off a car.

You can find Tennessee Tiny Home on Facebook. Also check out their sister company Tiny Happy Homes. Photo credit to Tennessee Tiny Homes.


Above & Below: Mendy’s tiny house.

Mendy's Tiny House - Interior Mendy's Tiny House - On the Road

Below: Papaw’s Tiny House

Papaw's Tiny House

Below: The Reed

The Reed

Below: The Reed’s Interior

The Reed Interior


Below: The Outhouse


The Outhouse


Below: The Popojo





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