Rich’s Portable Cabins

Anderson 8 wide

Back in 2010 I posted news of a tiny house builder in North Powder, Oregon called Rich’s Portable Cabins. I thought it was time for an update. Rich builds both tiny house sized and park model sized homes.

His tiny houses are less than 8′ 6″ wide and can be pulled behind a full-size pickup. The park model sized homes are usually 12′ or 13′ 10″ wide and often 14′ 6″ tall. The narrower park model homes are easier to move and often don’t require the use of a pilot car.

He also has designs that come with and without lofts for those that don’t want to climb to bed. Unlike some of the larger park model home manufacturers Rich is more flexible and uses quality materials – lots of wood, wool insulation, etc. So if you’re not interested in building your own home and/or want to be able to finance your tiny/small home this is one route you could take.

To see more visit and at

Below are some photos of the Anderson, one of Rich’s 8-foot wide homes. Scroll past the Anderson for some selected photos his larger homes.

Anderson overhang

Anderson ladder

Anderson front door

Anderson wool insulation

Below are samples of some of Rich’s other cabins.

IdeaBox in Salem Oregon

Oasis Duplex

Chico Cabin


Kitchen 2


Narrow Double Loft

Classic Puget Sound

Central Loft Dore

6 thoughts on “Rich’s Portable Cabins

  1. Jen says:

    Key note however, Rich does charge top dollar so those who do not want to save the money and are unable to build a tiny house on their own this may not be the rout. The york around 57k

  2. Rebecca says:

    Wow! These are incredible, and the park home is probably larger than my flat!!! I wonder how prohibitive shipping to the UK would be…

  3. Don J. says:

    I believe you have a picture of the Idea House included among Ricks homes,another company in Oregon for prefab homes most are larger than park model(400 sg.ft.0 here. Very innovative designs.

  4. Earl Kendall says:

    Hi, Quick question, do you purchase your trailer frames? if not would you be interested in selling one outright? (With axles and tires)
    Looking for something around 32′
    Thanks in advance
    Earl Kendall

  5. Beno says:

    We would like to come see your tiny homes this weekend. Please send hours and pertinent information. We WILL be purchasing and setting up a tiny home on our lot within the next 3 months. Thanks. Matt and Pat.

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