TenYurt – A Simple DIY Prefab Shelter

The following is a guest post by Malcolm White on a new prefab ebook he’s authored.

For a long time now I have been interested in almost everything related to residential design and construction. If you looked at the bookmarks in my Internet browser you would find that category to have the most pointers by far. While most of my career has been in the semiconductor industry I have spent a fair amount of my spare time and occasionally my full time designing or building things.

More recently I have become increasingly interested in looking for ways to help ease homelessness both in this country as well as potentially in other countries. Partly with that end in mind I have been thinking about how to build very simple structures that could be used for housing if necessary. I am also very interested in prefabrication techniques so it is quite natural for me to be thinking in terms of simple prefabricated structures.

My new eBook titled “TenYurt – A Simple DIY Prefab Shelter” details one such structure. A TenYurt is a simple 10-sided yurt like building that encloses about 118 square feet of floor space and is about 12’ from side to side. In its prefabricated but unassembled for it could easily be transported in a pickup truck. I have included lots of drawings, accurate dimensions and complete how to build details. You can build a very simple basic structure or you can enhance it in most any way your needs and budget suggest.

For more information about my eBook and for information about how to order you own copy visit diy-prefab.com.

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