Tools You Might Use to Build a Tiny House

This post is mostly for fun, but should also serve as a good overview of a range of common tools you might use to build a tiny house. Scroll down to see a larger version of the puzzle and the answer key. The tool names are linked to pages on to help you picture the tools unfamiliar to you.

  • Air Compressor – Drives air powered tools like framing nailers and paint sprayers.
  • Caulking Gun – Used to apply caulking and building adhesive.
  • Chalk Line – Helps mark strait lines so that paneling, siding, and roofing stay in line.
  • Chisel – Used to finish cutting notches in wood.
  • Circular Saw – Handheld saw for cutting wood. Very versatile.
  • Clamps – Very useful when you need a second set of hands and none are available.
  • Crowbar – Good for amplifying elbow grease, and pulling nails.
  • Drill – Used for drilling holes and driving screws.
  • Dust Masks – Essential for protecting your lungs during dusty work.
  • Eye Protection – Essential for protecting your eyes during most cutting and other debris flinging work.
  • Framing Nailer – Makes driving nails much easier.
  • Gloves – Essential for protecting your hands from splinters and abrasions.
  • Hacksaw – Used for cutting metal like pipes, nails, etc.
  • Hammer – Used for persuading lots of things on the job site, most commonly nails.
  • Impact Driver – Like a drill, but drives screws better when the job is tough.
  • Level – Used to keep everything strait and level.
  • Miter Saw – Used as a chop saw when many identical angered or strait cuts are needed.
  • Pliers – Used for pulling nails and most anything when your fingers aren’t tough enough.
  • Reciprocating Saw – Commonly used for demolition but also very handy for cutting nails and rough cuts on wood.
  • Rubber Mallet – Ideal wen gentile persuasion is needed.
  • Socket Wrench – Good for turning nuts in tight places, like when bolting your tiny house floor framing to the trailer.
  • Screw Drivers – Needed for turning screws and useful for opening paint cans.
  • Staple Gun – Good for hanging vapor barriers, roofing felt, and can be used on house wrap.
  • Table Saw – Ideal for making long strait cuts.
  • Tape Measure – Used constantly for keeping everything accurate.
  • Tin Snips – Used for cutting thin metal, like the aluminum flashing you’d use between your floor and trailer.
  • Toolbox – Helpful for keeping everything organized and transportable.
  • Utility Knife – Used to cut thin material like roofing felt, house wrap, and vapor barrier.
  • Wire Cutter – Used when wiring your tiny house.
  • Wrench – Necessary for turning nuts on bolts, like when connecting your tiny house to the trailer.

Tiny House Tools Word SearchWARNING:  Spoiler ahead… the answer key.

Tiny House Tools Word Search Answers


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